Too Ambitious For My Own Good?

Well met, everyone, and welcome back to the blog! It’s been a bit slow around here after being happily busy these past few weeks. A few days ago, I came down with laryngitis and bronchitis, and I was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t have laryngitis when we were at Disney World so I could make all the Ariel jokes (oh, the joys of having red hair). So, in all seriousness, what do I do when I can’t talk, and therefore can’t work? I drink a lot of tea with honey, hope and pray I don’t get an upset stomach from the antibiotics, try to finish the first draft of The Hollow Bones before NaNoWriMo starts (and get horribly distracted in the process), and binge a lot of YouTube videos.

I’ve been watching the videos from Christine McConnell’s YouTube channel after Netflix mistakenly made no second season of The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, and I find myself wanting to do so many things like woodworking and sewing. Her aesthetic is a lot more retro than my own, but it’s also reassuring that aesthetics don’t have to be dark or depressing in order to be goth. Now that I’ve gotten my sewing machine up and running (the house fairies ran off with the foot pedal and power cord), I’d love to start making my own clothing like tops and dresses, as well as home décor items like pillows and duvet covers. I get frustrated with the clothing I find in the store when it’s not exactly how I want it to be (don’t even get me started on the disappointing depth of most hoods), so there are so many times I just think, “Screw it; I want to make my own clothes.”

Can we all agree that Sophie Hatter from HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE is #goals in general?

The only problem is that I’ve said the same exact thing about other skills and hobbies like painting, knitting, spinning fibers, bobbin lace making, cooking, resin crafts, baking, and learning how to play at least three musical instruments, and there’s only so much time I can devote to developing all these different skills.

Not enough hours.gif
Fun fact: Out of all the GIFs I have and use on my computer, I’m pretty sure a decent majority of them are from TEEN TITANS.

I get too ambitious for my own good, and I also don’t want this blog to get too scattered with too many topics. As a result, I’m curious: what would you folks like to see posts about? Writing? Documenting the progress on my new hobbies? Music? My favorite recipes? Please let me know in the comments section below!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time, stay magical, everyone!

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