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The Entertainer (Poetry)

The numbers are cold, The musical notes still warm With the sensuous scarlet That also decorates the dotted line Of the contract I just signed In my own blood— I sold my soul So I could let others Commune with their own.    

What Happened at the Antique Shop (Poetry)

The heaviness of the piece Is more than its weight, Memories in my hands Flashing in my mind In veiled shards of What history it had witnessed, The feelings welling up in my heart And taking form into pictures As familiar as words I… Continue Reading “What Happened at the Antique Shop (Poetry)”

Ice Cream (Poetry)

Sweet nostalgia Now forgotten, Melted with The burning suns Of time— What happened To those days Where the price for a wish Was a dandelion seed, And we were encouraged To believe In fairytales?  

The Monster I Fear (Poetry)

I fear no monster of fang and claw…


Lina then saw Mr. von Essen sitting by the mill pond as he read from a small book. When she smiled, raising a hand in greeting, he tipped his hat and stood up from the grass. “Miss Evangeline,” he greeted her. “Our new schoolmaster,… Continue Reading “Excerpt: THE HOLLOW BONES”