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What have you been reading?

Well met, everyone, and welcome back to the blog! I’ve been getting things together offline, but I’d like to double back here for a question. What are y’all reading these days? One book I haven’t been able to stop thinking about is The Snow Collectors by… Continue Reading “What have you been reading?”

What Happened at the Antique Shop (Poetry)

The heaviness of the piece Is more than its weight, Memories in my hands Flashing in my mind In veiled shards of What history it had witnessed, The feelings welling up in my heart And taking form into pictures As familiar as words I… Continue Reading “What Happened at the Antique Shop (Poetry)”

Ice Cream (Poetry)

Sweet nostalgia Now forgotten, Melted with The burning suns Of time— What happened To those days Where the price for a wish Was a dandelion seed, And we were encouraged To believe In fairytales?  

The Monster I Fear (Poetry)

I fear no monster of fang and claw…

The Reality of Rejection

We as writers put our soul into our work, so to have something so personal cast aside so impersonally is likely going to hurt, and it’s okay to feel hurt about it.