My 2020 Resolutions

Well met, everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Considering I put down my 2019 resolutions in an article last year, I decided it’s now time to do it again for 2020.

My resolutions for 2020:

  • Continue to develop my blog and YouTube channel, but do so with self-compassion and without comparing myself to others. Unlike some content creators I follow (no shade), content creation is not my full time job. While I’d love to continue posting content, I can’t compare myself to other creators that have more time and opportunities and different skill sets than I do.
  • Continue to develop my music and a career in such. I have some ideas in the cauldron about some music videos on YouTube, and I’m hoping to include music more into my life.
  • Continue to develop a daily routine that is sustainable and allows for self-care. This year my mental health recovery was gnarly but still made progress. My goal is to continue with that and develop a routine that helps with recovery and maintaining a healthy headspace.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for stopping by! Until next time, stay magical, everyone!

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