I went to Sleepy Hollow (VIDEO)

Well met, everyone, and welcome back! To get a better idea of the vibe for my novel The Hollow Bones, I wanted to go to the source—namely, Sleepy Hollow, New York. When I was in New York for a family trip, we took the opportunity to go to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I took some video footage while I was there (with some help from my family) and made it into a vlog on my YouTube:

The point of my going was to see if I could feel the atmosphere of the area as Washington Irving had described:

“It is remarkable that the visionary propensity I have mentioned is not confined to the native inhabitants of the valley, but is unconsciously imbibed by every one who resides there for a time. However wide awake they may have been before they entered that sleepy region, they are sure, in a little time, to inhale the witching influence of the air, and begin to grow imaginative, to dream dreams, and see apparitions.”

Excerpt From: Washington Irving. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Apple Books.

I also wanted to go into the Old Dutch Church to see what it looked like, as well as visiting the Old Dutch Burying Ground to visit Washington Irving’s grave. We also went to visit a scenic bridge crossing the Pocantico River on the cemetery grounds. The original “Headless Horseman Bridge” is now part of Broadway as it leads towards the Old Dutch Church, so the scenic bridge is closer to what the iconic bridge may have looked like in 1790 when the original story takes place. This bridge, as well as seeing Philipsburg Manor and the old mill-pond, made it feel like even though it’s the 21st century, in that part of the town, history still has its influence there in part due to Washington Irving’s legacy.


As I’ve described in a previous blog post, Sleepy Hollow means a lot to me. Even though I’ve never lived there, it’s an obsession I’ve had for years, and I hadn’t been to the area since I was very young. To come back to Sleepy Hollow for some reason felt like coming home, and I’m even more inspired to finish my novel now than ever before.

I hope you enjoy the video, and that I’ve inspired you to visit Sleepy Hollow as well! Are there places that inexplicably feel like home to you? Let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for stopping by! Until next time, stay magical, everyone!

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