An Introduction to My Blog

Welcome and well met! I’m Morrigan Harker, and I write poetry for the website American Twilight. I currently live and work overseas, and I also am hoping to get started with digital music composing and visual art in the near future.

I’m not sure what I’ll post on this blog, but I hope to include writing tips and help my readers, even if it’s by making them smile. I also hope to post about my journey with digital composition and illustration—in my mind, if it has to do with my creative expression, it’s fair game.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and welcome again!

Edited 31 January 2021 to remove personal details. Apologies for the inconvenience.

2 Comments on “An Introduction to My Blog

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Morrigan! Writing tips are great! Looking forward to reading more. Ooh, once you start making music, would you post some excerpts here? That would be so cool! And of course you must share your illustrations:)

    Again, welcome. Looking forward to what’s the come 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 I’m definitely planning to post articles about my journey wth illustration and music as well as my writing.

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